What is new in the education apostolate this school year?

As the congregation grapples for concrete actions to save the leadership of our various apostolates from the dwindling number of those professing in the AR congregation, one of the foreseen steps to cover for the lack of school heads for the 27 AR schools is the twinning of schools.  Schools within close proximity of each other are now paired up and supervised by one principal.

In this set up, the superintendent of schools, Sr. Mary Ann Lumactao, AR made it a point that there should be a strong and able assistant principal or academic coordinator to guide the school in the absence of the principal.

Among the schools paired up are the following:

  • Immaculate Conception College of Balayan, Batangas and Our Lady of Carmel School in Calatagan, Batangas headed by Sr. Ridelia Tinga, AR
  • Raphael Academy of Legazpi City and Virgin of Carmel School in Tiwi, Albay headed by Sr. Marilyn Gustilo, AR
  • San Francisco Javier College of Narra, Palawan and Colegio de Sta. Rosa-Puerto Princesa City headed by Sr. Jannet P. Nicer, AR
  • Consolatrix College of Toledo City and Monica Academy of Pinamungajan, Cebu headed by Sr. Josephine Ativo, AR.
  • Colegio de la Medalla Milagrosa of Jagna, Bohol and Saint Mary Academy in Guindulman, Bohol headed by Sr. Felma Elbanbuena, AR
  • Notre Dame of Banga, Banga South Cotabato and Notre Dame of Lamba, Lamba, Banga, South Cotabato headed by Sr. Liezel Palabrica, AR

When the whole idea was presented in the general chapter, the body readily accepted it, knowing that it is the only possible answer to the problem.  There were doubts and questions, however, each point was thoroughly explained by Sr. Mary Ann Lumactao, AR.  As of this moment we can only hope that things will work out right for the betterment of the education apostolate.

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