The Logo: 50th Anniversary of the Issuance of the Decree of Praise to the Augustinian Recollect Sisters as a Congregation of Pontifical Right

Theme: Gratitude through Revitalization and Mission

Flame. The light which emanates from the heart represents the Holy Spirit that gives life to the Congregation and gifted the Decree of Praise for the past 50 years.

The Golden Color of the Flame and the Five Strokes. This is the celebration of 50th year of the reception of the Decree of Praise and gratitude of every AR Sister and their commitment in pursuit of its vision and mission.

Heart. The heart pierced by an arrow symbolizes the core of the AR sister’s personality and dignity as a child of God, who, as a human being experiences pain, sufferings, and sacrifices in the achievement of the Absolute Good.

Cross. THE WORD, Jesus Christ, struck into the heart is the life of every AR Sister. This also calls for Self-Renewal— return to the heart where God dwells. “Your WORD struck into my heart and from that moment I loved you.-Saint Augustine.”

The Stars. The two stars represent the Talangpaz Sisters and their sterling virtues—humility and assiduity by which all AR sisters are called to live with.

Figures of Four Persons. The figures of the four persons that completes the heart signify the unceasing passion and love of the sisters to participate in the Missio Dei. These reflect our desire to announce to the world the self-sacrificing love of Christ. The Red represents the Division of the Sacred Heart; Blue represents the Division of our Lady; Green represents the Division of Saint Joseph, and Yellow represents the Division of the Talangpaz Sisters and Foreign Missions.

Sr. Rhena Sherra H. Caranzo, A.R.

A perpetually professed sister of the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters.

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