Deserving pupils/students can avail to several scholarships during the school year as follows:
  1. Academic Scholarship
  2. This scholarship is granted to learners who are exemplar in their academic performance. The following benefits are enjoyed by the recipients. However, the number of graduating class /batch may affect the scholarship application. Free percentage of the tuition fee shall be based on the scholastic grade.

    With Highest Honors (Only the highest among the honorees is entitled to the indicated percentage.) - 100% Free Tuition Free; and

    With High Honors (Only the highest among the honorees is entitled to the indicated percentage.) - 50% Free Tuition Fee.

  3. Talangpaz Scholarship
    • This is given to a pupil/student who is materially poor, but academically deserving.
    • This is given from Grades 7 to Grade 12 students provided they maintain good grades (no final grades lower than 85%).
    • Shall have the spirit of leadership and integrity
    • Should pass the examination for Talangpaz Scholarship.
    • A privilege covers free tuition fees and books.
    • Should render service to the office of the guidance coordinator or any office upon the discretion of the principal.
  4. Education Service Contracting (ESC) And (SHS VP)
  5. Government assistance extended to Grade 7 (ESC) students and Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP) for SHS students.

    Education Service Contracting (ESC)- This is the financial assistance given by the government to financially poor but deserving students either from public or private elementary schools who would like to push through secondary education in selected secondary private institutions. Philippine Constitution Art. XIV, Sec. 1, p. 2-3. In the same manner, Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP) is offered to the Completers of JHS from the public schools enrolling into any private school of their choice. Government subsidy is offered as well as private school Completers of Grade 10.

  6. Children of permanent faculty and staff are entitled to one-half free tuition fees.