The Catholic Philosophy of Education

The Catholic philosophy of education is logically based on the Catholic philosophy of life which recognizes that every human being has an immortal soul with an eternal destiny, as well as, a mortal body with an earthly existence. Consequently, education to be complete must prepare the individual for his ultimate life and at the time fit him for a successful career or gainful work as a member of society. These basic principles necessarily determine the nature, objectives and aims of Catholic Education.

St. Augustine's Educational Philosophy

Education is man’s journey of knowing God who is the Eternal Truth, and of loving Him who is the Eternal Good. To achieve this goal, man journeys relentlessly in faith according to the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, and through reasons which is his natural gift from the Creator.

In the concrete, Augustinian education aims to accompany young men and women who can integrate Faith and Reason in their personal lives, in order to arrive at whatever is true, and develop moral values to enable them to live in harmony with others.

Through guidance and example of parents and teachers, the Augustinian student must become increasingly aware of his responsibilities to fellowmen, and readily contribute to the building of a just and humane society, where the Filipino people can journey together towards God.