Goals and Objectives

  1. To develop in every student the knowledge, skills, interests, habits and ideas requisite to the realization of his/her full potentiality as a worthy member of the school, home, society, the Church and the world as a whole.
  2. To develop personal discipline which is enlightened by a well-trained intellect in order to form a Christian personality by the acquisition of all- Christian virtues.
  3. To develop in the individual a prayerful search for the truth that will certainly lead to the realm of love and ultimately to the highest love – GOD.
  4. To trim the individual to become an upright and patriotic Filipino in a democratic society and useful citizen who can freely contribute to the total welfare of the nation.
Hence, it is the purpose of this school to develop each student as an individual and as an effective member of the society, physically, emotionally, intellectually, economically, socially and spiritually.