Augustinian Recollect Student Crusaders, Inc. (ARSC)

The ARSC is the highest student-governing body in which the general supervision of each student-organization is vested upon. Thus, being the umbrella organization, it has a direct hold to each student-organization as it aims, plans, and implements programs that shall help molding the students into good citizenship.

ARSC Divisions and Compositions

As a general principle, the three ARSC Divisions are independent and can function even without the supervision of any of the other divisions. Student leaders must make sure that they function the position students have entrusted to them. It is also necessary that they know their specific works to avoid overlapping and confusion of their function. Thus, to ensure the CHECK-AND-BALANCE, these rules are primarily set. The following are the ARSC Divisions, Compositions, and Specific Functions of each division.

  1. Executive Division
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
    • Asst. Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Asst. Treasurer
    • Business Manager
    • Auditor
    • Public Information Officer
  2. Legislative Division
    • Seven (7) Senators
    • Seven (7) Governors
    • Seven (7) ) Vice-Governors
  3. Judicial Division
    • Chief Justice
    • Seven (7) Associate Justices