General Principles

Admission to St. Raphael Academy is selective. It may be granted to students who present complete and valid credentials and who meet the admission requirements. St. Raphael Academy reserves the right to deny admission of students by reason on moral and academic standing. It has the right to judge the fitness of students being accepted for enrollment. The school has the right to deny re-admission or re-enrollment as it sees fit. The student’s registration in the school is considered an expression of his willingness to abide by all its rules and regulations.

Admission Requirements
  1. Eligibility
  2. The new Department of Education (DepEd) Curriculum comprises mandatory Kindergarten, six years of Grade School Education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School.

    Applicants should pass the entrance examination with the cut-off rating of 80% as the standard rating and 75% shall be classified as waitlisted. An applicant must obtain a passing rate in the written and oral examination which both shall be maneuvered by the guidance coordinators and some members of the faculty.

    Final admittance shall be granted on the basis of:
    • good moral character; and
    • ability to carry and fulfill academic requirements established by the students/pupils scholastic standing.
  3. Admission of New Students
  4. No student/pupil shall be admitted to St. Raphael Academy without undergoing the following processes:

    1. Take and pass the Entrance Examination;
    2. Present the following credentials to the Registrar’s Office:
      • NSO Birth Certificate (Photocopied);
      • Baptismal Certificate (Photocopied);
      • Report Card (Form 138);
      • Form 137A (for transferees);
      • Color I.D picture (1”x1”) 3 copies;
      • Certificate of Transfer;
      • Good Moral Character; and
      • School DepEd Recognition (for private schools)
  5. Registration of Old Students
    1. All students/pupils enrolled in the preceding year are automatically reserved for admission for the coming school year except those who are under contract or waiver.
    2. Pupils/Students who are given due consideration shall sign a waiver and undergo an interview with the principal in the presence of their parent/guardian before they be given an enrolment form.
    3. Pupils/Students with failing grades should submit their summer grade before they
    4. Pupils/Students who retained on the same grade level shall not be re-admitted.
    5. No re-admission for those students who have been dismissed or dropped from the school for a reasonable cause.
  6. Policy on Transferee Achievers
  7. Transferees who obtained a general average of 90 or higher from the previous school and have exemplified outstanding performance for the first two quarters shall be transferred to the homogeneous section.

  8. Policy on Sectioning
  9. Sectioning shall be based on the ranking of the students per year level. Number of the students per section shall be determined by the office of the Principal through the recommendation of the Registrar and the Academic Coordinator per department. As a general rule, only a number of 40 students in the homogeneous section shall be allotted. In case may be, a number of 45 but will not exceed to this number, shall be accommodated provided a student qualifies to the set standard.

  10. Enrolment Procedures
  11. STEP 1: Information Desk (Table 1)
    1. Present the needed credentials.
    2. Upon issuance, fill out the pre-registration form, enrolment agreement, and admission form.
    STEP 2: Assessment Desk (Table 2)
    1. Present the fully accomplished admission form for the assessment.
    STEP 3: Accounting Procedure
    1. Present the assessed admission form for payment.
    STEP 4: Registration Procedure
    1. Submit the fully accomplished forms for final registration at the registrar’s office.
  12. Withdrawal and Transfer
  13. A student who withdraws from the school during the school year must observe the following procedures:

    1. Information to withdraw must be done in writing addressed to the Principal.
    2. Accomplish clearance and have it signed by the following:
      • Subject Teachers;
      • Class Adviser;
      • Librarian;
      • School Treasurer;
      • Registrar; and
      • Principal
    3. Request for the Report Card/Form 138 from the Class Adviser and have the card signed by the Principal.
    4. Pay the required amount to the Cashier’s office and present receipt of payment to the Registrar’s office, who will forward Form 137, upon request.

    The school may withhold from any student the permission to transfer if he has not fully settled his back accounts with the school as stated in the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools 1970, Article XIII, Section 66.