To maintain the school’s high standard for academic performance the students are highly encouraged to study their lessons well. In any case, the pupil’s/student’s academic performance falls below the school’s standards, academic probation serves as the second chance for the pupils/students to do well in his study. The probation will last for one school year. After the end of the school year the pupil’s/ student’s performance will be evaluated, and the probation will be lifted if he has satisfactory performance.

These are the situations wherein a student will be under academic probation:
  1. A pupil/student who fails in any subject in any of the grading periods shall automatically be under academic probation.
  2. A pupil/student with a failing grade during the fourth grading period will be under academic probation in the next school year. The student will only be admitted when his parents agreed to a contract.
  3. A transferee pupil/student will be placed under academic probation in his first year of stay at SRA. He must maintain a final general average of 80% and above to be accepted in the list of enrollees for the following year.
A pupil/student under academic probation will have to conform to the following conditions diligently to be removed from probation or to retain enrollment from this institution:
  1. must be able to pass all the subjects/ learning areas in the next grading periods, which means from second to fourth or from first to fourth in case maybe. Any failure in the succeeding grading period means that a student must be recommended for transfer to another institution. For those students under probation at the beginning of the school year must be able to pass all the subjects/learning areas in the first grading period until the fourth grading period;
  2. must not have committed any major offense or a series of minor offenses; and
  3. must have rendered a minimum of eight hours of school/ community services upon the discretion of the principal.
The following procedures will be observed before a pupil/student will be under academic probation (for those pupils/students who fall under conditions 1 to 5).
  1. The Academic Coordinator shall have a conference with the teachers concerned and the class adviser to determine/ explain the cause of the student’s failure.
  2. The academic coordinator shall report this to the guidance counselor and to the principal to inform the pupil’s/student’s parents/ guardian for a conference.
  3. A contract shall be signed and executed to inform the parents/guardian about the conditions that their child/ward should follow so that the probation shall be lifted.
  4. Failure of the pupil/student to comply with all the provisions/conditions in the contract shall cause for the dismissal/transfer of the pupil or student.
  5. Any pupil/student under academic probation is barred from holding any office in the ARSC or any accredited school organization.