Sr. Ma. Lourdes M. Tanoy, AR

Sr. Ma. Lourdes M. Tanoy, AR saw the first light of day on February 11, 1948, the feast of our Lady of Lourdes. She was the product of the union of Jose Tanoy and Felipa Mercado. She was the firstborn among four siblings. She hailed from Dingle, Iloilo.
She finished her elementary studies in Pototan Central Elementary School. She proceeded to high school in Colegio de Sta. Rita in San Carlos City and graduated Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Colegio de San Agustin, Iloilo City.
On June 29, 1970, Sr. Lulu as she is fondly called by the sisters escaped home to join the congregation of the Augustinian Recollect sisters accompanied by Sr. Mercedes Jayme, AR. She pronounced her First Vows on March 25, 1973. Then six years later, her Perpetual Vows on March 25, 1979 and celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 1998.
Her first assignment was in Cuyo, Palawan as a treasurer and a High school religion teacher. In her 45 years as an AR sister, Sr. Ma. Lourdes was moved from one AR school to another working as a treasurer, a principal, a classroom teacher, a Religion teacher and as the superior of the house.

In 2015 while doing her work as a registrar in San Francisco Javier College in Narra, Palawan, she was recalled to the Motherhouse to have her illness treated. She was first diagnosed with pneumonia and found to have fluids in her lungs. Because of the continued hospital visits, she was made to rest from the grueling schedule of the school.

The month of June proved to be a ‘breather’ for Sr. Lulu. She would sit right next to me during the holy mass at 6 in the morning. Then later on, she would come much earlier as she would now participate in the morning prayers with the community at 5. Then she would strive to stand and get her leg muscles to work during the Gospel reading. At one point while waiting for the mass to start, she moved forward to kneel. However, her knees did not support her entire body weight, so she stumped right on the kneeler and was helped up by the aspirants. At other times, she would walk unaided going from one pillar to the next closest pillar at the chapel. Still other times, she would exercise with Mo. Lucy flashing an infectious smile.

However, about more than a week ago, she had fever and was hard of breathing, so she was rushed again to the hospital, this time, placed in intensive care until she succumbed to multi organ failure. She expired at twenty minutes past eleven, on July 9, 2018.

Characterized by a strong foundation in prayer, a determined and assertive will and an unparalleled zest for the academe, the life of Sr. Ma. Lourdes Tanoy, AR offers a glimpse of how religious life should be spent channeled in a proper way: refined, toned down and hopefully made perfect through our own practice of compassion in our communities.

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