Sr. Amada De Ramos went Home to the Arms of our Heavenly Father

If there is one virtue which will speed up Sr. Maidz to heaven, it is generosity. She is remarkably a very generous person especially to the less fortunate. The materially poor who extends their hand by the grill window at the ‘information area’ will always get a handful of nourishment for she never drives them away empty handed. All of us sisters are poor in one way or another; we were all recipients of Sr. Maidz’s generosity in different ways and in varying degrees.

Born to Cirilo de Ramos and Catalina Lagra, Sr. Amada de Ramos saw the first light of day on December 11, 1943 in Lumban, Laguna.

After going through basic education, she left Lumban, Laguna for the Royal Pontifical university, the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila. Prior to her entrance to the congregation, she taught in the public school for a good seven years.

She made her First Profession of Vows on May 19, 1979 and Her Perpetual Vows on November 21, 1985.

Through all those years in her religious life, she served the congregation through her different assignments in various AR communities and schools, in the Philippines and abroad and in other higher institutions of learning as well. As a school administrator, she was strict and unyielding, as an author, she was a bundle of words of faith and love for her Lord, as a Lyricist, she writes from the heart as evidenced from our gathering song in this eucharistic sacrifice, titled “Awitan Ka at Purihin, Panginoon” which she penned a few years back, as a friend, she listens with compassion and bares her heart and soul to the person, as an AR, her poems and songs speaks of her devotion to the Talangpaz sisters, and as the spouse of Christ, she’s never turned her back to the call of devotion to the Divine Mercy.

A little after the middle of the first decade, this century, she was diagnosed of breast cancer. It took a while for her to fully accept the extent of her sickness. But unlike other CA patients who would lie in bed and brood for days and days without end, Sr. Maidz would strive to stand and join the community for prayers, meals, recreation, household chores and even small talk with chums and bffs, until a week ago when she was rushed to the hospital for fever. She never made it back to St. Rita, instead, she went straight home to the arms of our loving Father in heaven where no pain, no ache, can stop her from the affectionate embrace of God on August 2, 2018.

Looking back at the life of Sr. Maidz, let us all ask ourselves this question, how did the big “C” in Sr. Maida help us in our personal lives as an AR, as a motherhouse community, as a friend, as a family member? Surely, God has a reason for putting her in this congregation, in this community, in her own biological family. Whatever it is, that is her legacy to us, her greatest contribution to our personal lives.

Lastly, in behalf of the congregation, I thank all of you who are here to celebrate the life of our dear Sr. Maida. To our mass presider, Rev. Fr. Ian Anthony Espartero, and all the other priests concelebrants, Fr. Manny Bolilia, Fr. Gaudencio de Mesa, Jr., Fr. Julius Marcos, Fr. Nemesio Tolentin, Fr. Alexus Mansueto, Fr. Dionisio Selma, Fr. Edgar Tubio, Fr. Paulino Rommel Dacanay and Fr. KC “Gwapo”, and to those who celebrated wake masses: Fr. Rex Bancaya, Fr. Manny Bolilia, and Fr. Nemesio Tolentin, thank you Fathers. To Nana Liling, Ate Helen and all the members of Sr. Maidz’s immediate family and relatives, friends and acquaintances, thank you for being with us and thank you for the financial assistance you’ve given us. To our dear AR sisters, let us pray for each other as we strive to keep ourselves afloat in the great business of holiness in this life we are in. Thank you and may God bless us all.

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