Recollect Family Christmas 2019: Sharing the Joy of Yesterday for “the Hope of the Now”

Gifts are everywhere, songs carols are in the air. One could clearly hear the greetings of “Merry Christmas.” It is a JOYFUL celebration because the Lord Jesus has come and has dwelt in everyone’s hearts.
“Let it be done to me as you say.” Every Recollect said YES to the Lord that they are now gathered as one family. As the angel announced to Mary, the birth of Jesus in their midst is a sign of their oneness as Recollect Family. From then until now they announce the presence of the Lord and it will continue till eternity.

“But who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Christmas is a charity, it is giving of love. December 15 is a day of gladness to the AR elderly Sisters in Tahanang Talangpaz in Tagaytay City. Sisters from nearby communities traveled like Mary to give joy to their families. From all the many things that Mo. Lucy has said, it is just a simple word that stricken the sisters’ minds and hearts: CONTENTMENT. From then until now, contentment is also the way of living of the AR and their door is always open to welcome the visiting Lord.

“Emmanuel: God with us.” Yesterday it is just a word, but today it is already flesh dwelling in every being. Yesterday AR is just a seed starting to sprout but today it is already a tree giving fruits of goodness. Now it is their more than a hundredth Christmas together as a family. The simple exchanging of gifts on December 24, is an emblem of thanksgiving and celebration for the birth of the world’s Savior.

“…she gave thanks to God…” Jesus is present in every Consecrated Recollect. As the prophetess continues on worshipping God, the AR and the OAR Family continue on journeying towards God with unceasing worship. December 25, on the day of the Nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the day of this family’s reunion. Together they shared moments of joy showing that the Lord really works.

“…I had to be in my Father’s house…” On the day of the Holy Innocents, the Sisters welcomed and had fun with the living innocents who are truly loved by the Lord: THE ORPHANS. These children spent a short time with the sisters giving them smiles and laughers. They are blessed by Fr. Jun De Mesa, OAR. Their innocent voices are sound of gladness. As Mary and Joseph find their little child, Jesus is present in these little children they are the little dwelling place of the Great and Almighty God. They are the hope of yesterday and today the bearers of assurance.

The Christmas of the Recollect Family is JOY. The joy of welcoming the Lord. It is being enveloped with HOPE. The hope that He brought from the beginning and He continues in bringing to them. The Recollect Family is being united by Christ from then until now.

Sr. Rhena Sherra H. Caranzo, A.R.

A perpetually professed sister of the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters.

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