Mass offering and Blue Ribbon for Barbie Inocencio on December 9, 2019, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Understanding, Compassion and Mercy 

More than crying out for justice for Barbie Inocencio, let us cry to God for understanding, compassion, and mercy. We have seen in the last 24 hours how social media was flooded with tirades back and forth from both sides. It is really sad to hear of such revealing stories when this should have been the time to mourn and grieve for a loved one.

The death of Barbie brings deep sadness to our school community in Banga. Every single Notredamian now realizes that nobody can protect them from bad elements hidden behind innocent looks or friendly and even fraternal front.
The death of a child for a single mother can be very tragic. The violent manner by which a daughter’s life was severed all the more intensifies the pain and numbs the heart. In fact, some moms snap. The mind cannot take in more pain anymore. The emotions over rule that the heart simply cannot feel anything.

Social media can be another factor which makes our young Notredamians feel anxious and troubled. When differing posts of opposing parties slammed against each other, these youngsters feel at a loss. Those of them sharp enough to analyze each statement, each development, become more cautious and more careful of their actions. The majority of Notredamians on the other hand, are the kind who would simply accept what is laid before their eyes and tremble at the atrocities reported to them.

Well, no matter who we are in Barbie’s life, a co-ARSCian, class adviser, subject teacher, principal, or simply just another AR, we mourn and grieve at such senseless killing. A precious life wasted for reasons only God, Barbie and her perpetrators knew.

For our young Notredamians, stay alert.  Stay tuned to your surroundings, feel the pulse of those around you.  Watch out for unfamiliar faces and sounds.  Do not be easily fooled by sweet words and promises.

For all of us, let us be very understanding to the family left behind by Barbie, let us be compassionate to all those affected by her demise and let us ask God to extend mercy to Barbie, her family and all those involved in this great mess. Again, for all of us, let us be at peace with each other and pray to the God of compassion and mercy in this time of great difficulty.

Here’s an official letter for our guidelines on December 9, 2019.

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