HIS, is Perfect!

My soul wanders but it has seen the light of hope…
My heart beats fast, as fast as it speaks slow,
But every beat has a reason to utter and I know it’s not for fear,
It’s neither for sorrow nor a piercing arrow.
Indeed a deepest blow of desire of the One who desireth…
It is the will of the One who willeth.

When I drink in the river of silence,
There I found myself singing in the night
While gazing the galaxy
Whose dazzling melted every dark wax of my memory.

Ay! Thanks to Thee every thawed of memory
Was molded into a lotus with countless petals unfolded itself.

To what do snatched me unaware?
With Your love always stand still?
To what do shut the roar of my desire
Save that it’s You whom I admire?

Ah! touching You with my heart,
Like the bee’s passion collecting honey from the flowers;
Like the seed thrown by the sower’s ambition.

Come near my Beloved,
For even my desire is Your will,
For even the need to have You is Yours still.

Does the night ask for the stars when it is rain You desire?
Does the day ask for sun rays when it is rainbow You love to give?

Oh my Beloved feed my hunger of Your love,
Quench my thirst of Your presence.

For when I stamp my foot to the colors of the world
And the other to the scattered diamonds of myself,
I am but a fool…
I am but swallowed by selfishness…
I am but lost…
I am but nonsense!

What if seeing myself hanging loose,
Floating free with my emptiness?
Would there be somebody capable to lift a hand and pull me up?
Would there be someone to call me back to my senses?
Surely no one but YOU!

I beg You, allow me to say ‘I LOVE YOU’
Even though my ways are far, sometimes untrue…
For it is enough to believe that
Yours is PERFECT and TRUE .

One thought on “HIS, is Perfect!

  • February 17, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    Hello Cha! Awesome! I wish i can write like how you wrote it. What an inspiration!! Way to go, sister!


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