Golden Jubilee: A Glorious Celebration

I now believe that there is something extraordinary with silver, golden and diamond jubilees. As I was preparing for my Golden Jubilee, part of it was to get sponsors to help in the temporal aspect of the celebration. When I approached a friend of mine, she was overjoyed and grew ecstatic as the date gets closer everyday. When I finally marched towards the altar to start the ceremony, she was beaming with smile with her special camera clicking and flashing until I got to my assigned seat. After the celebration, she took great pride in posting all the pictures she took in her facebook account.

Now for my part, my golden jubilee was a very glorious celebration. I was just like a child who just realised that what I have been desiring will truly be given to me. I felt truly loved by Jesus, my spouse. To be able to stay for fifty years in the religious life is a great grace.
Thank you Jesus, my love, my greatest love. I will cherish this wonderful memory in my heart.



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