Grace and mercy to each and every one of you beloved sons and daughters of God! I greet you all Augustinian Recollect Student Crusaders along with the Philippine youth. Your active participation in the mission of the church is a productive response to a wake- up call, urging us to rise from the darkness of sin and error that envelops our society, whose influence penetrate your consciousness, your way of thinking and your way of conducting your life. The situation in the Philippine society with varied socio-cultural religious challenges is a special time for you young people of the Philippines to stand up and be counted among those witnesses of believers so that you may become stronger and more effective witnesses of your Christian life and of your baptismal covenant to live as a child of God. This is a time for you beloved sons and daughters of God to think seriously in considering our way of life in the light of faith, we can almost hear the objections of many of our contemporaries. In modernity, the light of faith might have been considered sufficient for societies of old, but is felt to be of no use for new times. Today’s humanity suggests that Christianity has come of age who have been proud of its rationality but needs more impact for our society today and anxious to explore the future in noble ways.
God’s gift of faith, a supernatural infused virtue should always make us realize that a great love has been offered to us all, a GOOD WORD has been spoken to us, and that when we welcome that word, Jesus Christ the WORD made flesh, God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit transform us and lights up our way to the future and enables us joyfully to advance along path of Christian life with the wings of hope. Thus wonderfully interwoven faith, hope and charity are the driving force of the Christian life as it advances towards full communion with God. But what is it like this road which faith opens up before us? What is the origin of this powerful light which brightens the journey of a successful and fruitful life?
The answer is, Jesus Christ the Son of God whom you constantly encounter, empowering you with the fullness of life of God’s love for humankind. Christ Jesus in communion with the Holy Spirit with whom we desire to encounter in today’s world is the origin of this powerful light. May God bless us all now and always!


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