Companion on the Journey

The canonical year is an encounter with a God who truly loves and wishes to be a part of our life. In all honesty, before I entered the Novitiate a lot of thoughts of uncertainty come to my mind but as I gazed Jesus on the cross I learned to surrender my heart to His will.
The beauty of God’s work in my life was most revealed and discovered this year. Those moments of silence were experiences of embracing and living up to His promises in the Scriptures. The peaceful atmosphere of the Novitiate enhances this experience of joy. We come to enjoy His beautiful creation especially when we have our gardening. We are constantly invited to reflect such as on the hardness of the weeds as we pull them out. We reflected then on what are those that need to be pulled out in our life which block our relationship with God; and to find hope in all His creation to be transformed into His ways and goodness.
The common life we share becomes a moment of learning on how to grow in charity and understanding like how the Lord always look at me with love. My story in this journey is not my own alone. It is most importantly His story in my life. He is a God who is my constant companion.
The meaning of life is found in the recognition of His abiding presence in all events and experiences. Even the unexpected events are gifts of blessing for He uses them to manifest His merciful love to us. Indeed, my canonical year is a grace-filled moment. I have come to see more of myself and the path He has made for me.
My prayer is for us to love God and to do our utmost best to use the gifts He has given to praise Him.



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