25 Year Secrets Revealed

It seemed only yesterday… June 1, 1990, fifteen young ladies from different parts of the Philippines were accepted to Postulancy.
During the July 16 earthquake of that same year, when everything went crushing down to the floor in the postulants’ dormitory, only the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was left standing. Thus, from that time on, the group embraced the Immaculate Heart of Mary as their Patroness.

From Postulancy until 28 years later, the group went through ups and downs during the different stages in formation. In each stage, there were those who opted for a different lifestyle thus only fourteen of the fifteen beautiful ladies proceeded to Novitiate and onto their First Profession of Vows. Then, eleven made it to Perpetual Profession.
During the retreat in preparation for their 25th year celebration, the group obtained permission from Mother General to have it in Our Lady of Carmel Novitiate with their own formators as speakers. Their main purpose was to give tribute to their God-given guides who bravely gave their own selves to direct them in their formation years. During the group sharing, each revealed their secret: first, that during Eucharistic celebrations, each sister offered it to Jesus for the perseverance of their batch mates and for the graces each one needed where ever they are and whatever they do; Second, they had a prayer brigade for those experiencing crisis; Third, they never failed to find time to have group bonding; fourth, when they had problems, they confined it to their own batch mates because they are sure that they are accepted for what and who they are. Lastly, in the midst of their individual differences and weaknesses, they all agreed that love and concern for each one is the most important.

With God’s grace, last May 16, 2018, they celebrated their silver jubilee.


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