“Tragic Fire Engulfs Colegio de Santa Rita de San Carlos, Inc. – Urgent Appeal for Restoration”

San Carlos City, Negros Occidental- On the fateful evening of August 14, 2023, a tragedy struck the heart of Colegio de Santa Rita de San Carlos, Inc. as a ferocious fire tore through the beloved institution at around 7:00 pm PST. The devastating blaze wreaked havoc on multiple key areas, leaving the school community in shock and despair.

The fire, whose origins remain a mystery, unleashed its destructive power upon the treasurer’s office, the sisters’ convent, and the 2nd and 3rd floors of the main building. These areas included essential facilities such as computer laboratories, the chapel, the library, and numerous classrooms, all of which have been left in ruins.

As of now, the cause of the fire remains undetermined, and investigations are ongoing to shed light on this tragic incident. Meanwhile, the school community, along with its supporters and prayer warriors, is facing an urgent and monumental challenge: the restoration of Colegio de Santa Rita de San Carlos, Inc.

The devastation caused by this fire goes beyond the physical destruction of infrastructure. It strikes at the heart of the educational institution, its values, and its unwavering commitment of nurturing the minds and spirits of the young learners it has served for generations.

In the face of adversity, Colegio de Santa Rita de San Carlos, Inc. humbly appeals for help from the broader community, both near and far. The journey to rebuild, restore, and once again provide a safe and nurturing environment for students and staff is a daunting one. But with God’s grace and with your support, it can be made possible.

Your assistance, whether through financial contributions, resources, or simply spreading the word, can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this tragic incident. Together, we can help Colegio de Santa Rita de San Carlos, Inc. rise from the ashes and continue its mission of education, character building, and community service.

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